We believe in the incredible power of prayer. Scripture declares that the Kingdom of God is revealed not only by words, but by power (1 Corinthians 4:20). The power of a community devoted to persistent prayer does a huge amount to the accomplishing all that God has called our community to. Regular prayer updates are sent around which you can sign up to at the bottom right of this page.

We also have a prayer ministry team available to pray for you during the services on Sundays. If you would like to be trained to join in this term please do email here. Also see the events page for dates of our regular prayer meetings.


The opportunities are huge, and this amazing community of people serve in so many different ways to respond to the needs of both the local community and the church. We would love everyone who calls this church their home to join a team as a way of contributing to the amazing work going on. Whatever you feel passionate about, we would love to encourage you to let us know so we can strengthen the church and bless the community.


The work we do at St Alban’s is only possible due the time and money kindly offered by our community. The staff team and church leadership (PCC) are fully committed to utilising every resource available to us as a church, including fundraising, grant application, rentals and especially the contribution made from the congregation. Financial contribution reflects and follows what is truly valuable to us. We as a church also support the Common Fund, a central pot that enables poorer churches to receive the essential resources they need to minister in the most deprived areas. We hope that everyone own in some way vision and future of the church through their financial contribution.

There are numbers of ways to give. The most practical is to fill out a giving envelope found in the back of chairs at the church. This enables registration of gift aid for taxpayers too. You can also give via Lepton, an online giving app. St Alban’s Fulham is also registered on easyfundraising, which is a partner to online companies to allow you to control where their own charitable contributions go. It is very quick and easy to set up and can offer percentages of your online purchases straight to the church. Here are our bank details:

PCC of St Alban & St Augustine Fulham
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-04-01
Number: 12309602


In addition to giving financially have you thought about fundraisng for St Alban’s Fulham? You might like to hold an event, or do a run or something else. There is also a very easy way to generate money for St Alban’s while you shop online. If you buy something on line, a percentage of what you spend will be donated for free to St Alban’s Fulham. It’s a no brainer to get in on this! To register with Easyfundraising click HERE