Hammersmith and Fulham. A place of transience and deep-rooted family. Isolation and togetherness. Affluence and hardship. Located at the very heart of such a diverse London borough, and after more than 100 years of worship, service and prayer, St Albans was closed in 2004.

Empty and abandoned, it wasn’t until autumn 2010, that Reverend Matt Hogg and his wife Kate were invited to reopen the church’s doors to the gospel, and to the community.

The Team

Matt Hogg

Parent of two, pioneer, the heartbeat of our team.

Becca Willett

Giggly northerner, a friend to the whole community.

Hannah Blythe

Multi-talented, multi-lingual, multi-loved in the community.

Ashleigh Love

Always singing, food lover, friend to many, inspiring young people.

Maya Laurent

Mother of 3, entrepreneur, empowering women of all ages.

Pat Laurent

Dad, artist, wants all to know they’re a masterpiece.  

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Job Vacancies


  • Natalie Davies
  • Isabelle McFadden
  • Madeleine Miller
  • Andrew McArdle
  • Jacob Davies
  • Kate Hogg
  • Freddie Pimm
  • Ash Pearson
  • Ellie Norris
  • Sally Barker
  • Jen Lewsey